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Spring Blossoms in the Yakima ValleyThank Goodness for spring. Winter isn’t what it used to be when I was a kid. 20 to 30 below and a foot or more of snow, I like it better now.

This last winter wasn’t to bad, some cold weather, wind and a little bit of rain.

We at A-1 Construction your professional roofing friends are giving you this information to help you get started in the new year. There is much to do and check up on after the winter.

First: Your roof. It may need some attention after the winter.

Second: If your roof has a low enough slope to be able to walk on, set up your ladder and be sure to extend the top of the ladder about 3 feet above the edge of the roof. Go onto the roof and walk all around the roof checking the wear and tear of the roof. Look for areas where the granules have come off the shingles and left black areas on the shingles. If you find this condition on the south or west side of the roof it is time to call for free estimate.

Third: If you have a shake roof, be careful, step on the center of a full row of shakes, not on the tip or ends, as this may cause the shake to split of break. Walk over the roof looking for holes in the shake where it has worn through. Look also for vertical splits in the shake. This Indicates excess wear. Now look for moss growing on the ends of the shakes. Be sure to look at the ridge cap, this is the top most part of the roof, the part that is laid horizontally across the main shakes. All these thing may indicate it is time for you to call for an estimate on a new roof.

Fourth: Check that all roof gutters and valleys are clear of leaf debris, some leaves don’t fall until into late winter. Check for excess granule deposits in the gutter, as this shows signs of excess wear.

Fifth: Now is the time to go into the attic. Here you will need to check for winter leaks, note water stains or streaks this could be a sign of a leak. Some times this is not possible because there might be too much attic insulation, or there may not be enough head room. Now is also the time to see if you need more attic insulation. When you are in an attic for any reason it is very important to be real careful not to step in between the 2 X 4 ceiling joists, if this happens you may have your foot in the kitchen of Living room, because sheetrock is not strong enough to hold up a grown person.

After heavy storms, check to see that gutters continue to flow properly.

After any intense wind storm with winds of over 40 mph, check to see how your roof weathered the storm. Meteorologists report wind speeds recorded at local weather stations and airports which measure 3 second averages at 30' above ground. It is possible for localized intense wind or microbursts to occur and not be noticed. It is possible for your roof shingles to be damaged seriously; small areas of roof can lift due to the wind uplift characteristics. If you see shingles that have been blown into your yard, whether they are yours or someone else’s, inspect your roof carefully or contact A1 Construction for a free roof inspection.

Check roof areas often for debris from wind storms and remove immediately. Be sure to check your trees and shrubs that they are not rubbing on the roof and causing damage.

If you have any questions about the care maintenance with your roofing system, please contact A-1 Construction.

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