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Why Asphalt shingles are your Best and Safest Choice

Price, performance and aesthetics set these roof systems apart

It is no coincidence that asphalt-based shingles account for more than 75% of roofs installed by professional roofing contractors. Fiberglass and laminated roofing shingles have been a familiar roofing product for more than 100 years. In the last few years, shingle makers have introduced quite a few innovations. These include fiberglass reinforced mats, self-sealing tabs, laminated construction and modified asphalt formulas.

Today’s competitive construction market has also spurred shingle makers to pull many low-end shingles off the market. At the same time, a tightening of codes and standards has enhanced the quality of these already time-proven products

What is a shingle?

In their simplest form, asphalt shingles contain an inner reinforcing mat, a coating of hard asphalt modified with mineral fillers, a top surfacing of mineral granules, and a back- surface dusting of finely ground mineral dust. The higher-end shingles have the same mineral granules as the front of the shingles. Each shingle also has a strip of adhesive sealant across the underside of the shingle to hold the shingle edges down when the wind blows.

Most experts agree that with shingles you get what you pay for. The less expensive shingles are more likely to suffer earlier deterioration, while the higher-priced shingles will last longer. Although 20-year warranted shingles are still available, they are the very low-end shingles now. It is best to step up just a little bit in cost and get a much superior shingle. As a rule of thumb buy the best quality shingle you can afford. If you are in a high wind area it is best to consider a 40 or 50 year warranted shingle.
All quality residential roofing products should come with a Class-A fire rating and at least a 70 mph wind uplift warranty.

Plenty of Options

The good news is that there are plenty of asphalt shingles on the market today that will give you good protection for your home, but picking a shingle still involves some work. So chose a knowledgeable contractor and take reasonable care in selecting your shingles, the odds of getting a roof that last are in your favor.

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