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Snow Removal in YakimaWhen winter brings the snow and ice to the Yakima Valley, here are a few tips to protect your home from the winter dangers associated with your roof system:

Take extra care on the roof’s edge after a new snowfall. If you feel you need to remove the snow off your roof, there are two ways to best conduct snow removal from your roof; be careful either way.

One: Buy a long handle scraper and pull as much snow off the roof as possible. Your goal should be to get some of the weight of the snow off your roof. A few inches of snow shouldn’t harm your roof, if it is in good condition. A foot or more of snow and the added possibility of rain could cause great harm to your roof structure.

Two: If the snow is deep and you can walk on the roof, the deepness of the snow will allow you to sink into the snow and not slide off. Unless the roof is real steep.

Again, what you are trying to do is to get the weight of the snow off the roof. You should be able to leave 4 to 6 inches of snow on the roof without a problem. So when scraping snow off leave enough snow on the roof so you can walk in it. Be careful because It is difficult to differentiate between the roof’s edge and groundcover.

Do not go onto the roof without supervision, or at least letting someone know your intentions. If you should fall, you could be incapacitated for a long time before someone is aware of your problem and in the dead of winter this is doubly dangerous.

Icicles hanging from the roof edge, or attached to equipment rising above the roof, should be carefully removed. These can become lethal projectiles if they should dislodge and crash to the ground.

If you have any questions about the care maintenance with your roofing system, please contact A-1 Construction.


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